Must-Have Athletic Wear Basics for Women

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A woman’s workout style is a reflection of her larger, more personal style. Someone who prefers bright colors and bold patterns will most likely bring that preference to their athletic wear and be more than happy to rock a bright pink tank to spin class. And someone else who has a distinctly feminine style may be drawn to floral patterns and pastel colors. But no matter how different some women’s styles are, they probably all have a few similar workout wardrobe staples they turn to again and again.

These pieces of athletic wear are the basics, the essentials from which so many of our favorite workout outfits are made. They’re the trusty pieces that we know make us look and feel good time and again—and we love them for it. Typically solid, neutral colors, they act as the base for a number of different looks that inspire confidence and remind us why we hit the gym, pavement, or bikes as hard as we do.

And, really, even though they’re “basic” in style, you’d be hard pressed to pull together a fashionable workout outfit without them. After all, an eye catching pattern on a sports bra is one thing, but once you start mixing patterns and colors things can become over-the-top very quickly. So don’t forget to stock up on athletic wear basics that match with nearly anything and make your unique, colorful or patterned pieces pop.

Here’s a list of our fundamental workout basics that we think every woman should have at home—if you don’t have one of these it might be time to get shopping!


The perfect workout pants for those in-between days when the weather’s not too hot or cold, having a pair or two of basic capris will ensure that you have an easy choice when putting together a workout outfit. Their flattering fit looks good on everyone and the slightly shorter length is great for keeping you cool—even when you don’t feel like showing too much leg. These capris come in three basic solid colors (black, navy, or gray) and are moisture wicking to ensure you feel cool and dry throughout your entire workout.

Boundless and Side Stripe Leggings

Even before active women were blessed with capris, designers realized that women needed a no frills garment that allowed for maximum range of motion and also made us feel good. The end result of that realization? Leggings! Perhaps the most essential of all workout clothes, leggings—particularly high waisted leggings—in solid colors will never let you down when you need to rush out the door to make your core class on time. They match with anything and the high waist provides tons of comfort and security. We have introduced in the latest collection, a new set of high waisted leggings: Boundless Leggings and Side Stripe Leggings!

Butterfly Shorts

These super comfy shorts are great for intense workouts where you know you’ll be breaking a sweat and wanting to keep as cool as possible. They consist of two layers: a form fitting under layer that provides support and coverage, and a relaxed fit outer layer that lets you move easily. They’re great for pairing with a tee, tank top, or sports bra especially in a solid color like our popular Serge Shorts.

Tees and Tanks

If leggings are the quintessential basic workout bottom, then the humble tee has to be the most basic top. We’d be willing to bet just about every women has at least a few in her workout wardrobe—and could use one or two more. It’s a classic style that perfectly balances comfort, coolness, and style to create your ultimate workout top. And while we know there are tons of patterns out there today, sometimes you just can’t beat the gorgeous simplicity of a solid color tee like this green mesh one we’re currently crushing on. It’s so simple yet looks gorgeous layered over your favorite sports bra.

Sports Bras

Nothing provides the support you need like a racer back bra. This design allows for the straps on the bra to more effectively support your chest and keep you comfortable even during your most grueling workouts. They are an active wear classic and are still by far the most popular style of sports bra out there. And why wouldn’t they be? Besides offering great support, they’re fashionable and look great as a layering piece or all on their own. This basic black racer back bra will match pretty much anything in your closet.

It’s time to get back to basics and make sure you have these essential pieces of activewear in your closet. When you roll out of bed for your early morning kickboxing class you’ll thank us!

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