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Trending Workout: Barre


In case you have not heard, the hottest new fitness trend is barre. Nearly a third of the fitness industry has hopped on the barre train, and enrollment has more than doubled in just the last two years. But if you do not know much about barre and are feeling left out of the newest workout, no need to worry–we are here to teach you everything you need to know in order to get yourself prepped for barre. Here is what you have wanted to know about barre but have been afraid to ask:


What is it?


Barre is a workout concept based on ballet. The idea is that by using the barre for balance, you can isolate specific muscle groups and build a solid, muscular frame. It incorporates concepts from yoga and Pilates, and uses multiple sets of small range-of-motion movements. Barre was first brought to the US in the early ‘70s, but has seen a recent resurgence. It has been incorporated into a number of fitness centers, and there are also studios which focus exclusively on barre. Barre has been extremely popular among women gym-goers, with groups seeking to add barre classes nationwide.


What should you expect?

Although barre is based on ballet concepts, you do not need any dance experience (or skills) to see results. Most classes start with pushups and planks on a mat, followed by arm exercises, and then use of the barre for the leg and core portion of the workout. For most barre classes, the focus is on movements which are only an inch in either direction, allowing you to focus your energy on one set of muscles at a time. And given the impact that isometric exercises can have on your muscle strength, the work you put into barre will pay off in a big way.


What should you wear?

Ah, now to the important question. If you are starting a new fitness routine, you do not want to stick out like a sore thumb. One thing you will need to ask is whether the instructor prefers that you wear grippy socks or go barefoot. But other than that, most instructors will advise that you wear somewhat fitted clothing so that it is not hanging off of your body or distracting you during the movements. To that end, leggings and sports bras or support tanks are great choices.


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If you are interested in trying something new to get your body into shape, barre is a solid choice. With the workout being simple (simple to understand, of course–not simple to perform), it is a great way to shake up your workout routine and give your core a brand new challenge. It is also the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new workout wear. Let Wear it to Heart help you find your next favorite tank, sports bra, or leggings, just in time to start a new fitness routine.

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