Athleisure trend: Sexy Bomber Jackets!

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Today, the lines between workout wear and daily wear are becoming more and more blurred. Leggings are now a part of mainstream fashion, sports bras can double as crop tops, and now jackets are even jumping in on the blurred line trend. So what exactly is this newfound love of wearing workout clothes-for activities outside of getting your sweat on-called? Athleisure—and this fashion trend is definitely one we hope is here to stay.

One of the hottest trends in athleisure right now is the bomber jacket. This edgy outerwear is no longer reserved for certain occasions that warrant a tough girl look. Instead, we’re seeing it being styled in a variety of ways that fit nearly any style. They’ve proven to be extremely versatile and can take an everyday look and turn it into something right off the page of a fashion magazine.

How to Style Bomber Jackets

As we mentioned, there’s almost no limit to how you can style a bomber jacket. Dress it up or dress it down and it’s sure to give you a boost of confidence no matter where you wear it to. For a flirty daytime look pair a bomber jacket with your favorite pair of leggings, a crop top and sneakers. You’ll feel ultra-chic as you run errands. Or pair it with some cuffed jeans and sandals for a low-key preppy look that’s perfect for a coffee date.

Or, for a true athleisure look, pair it with a slick pair of capri leggings, a slinky sports bra and a high ponytail. You’ll be the envy of everyone at the gym when you stroll through the doors. Plus, it doubles as a great way to stay warm as you head to a workout on a colder day (and who doesn’t like a garment that’s both stylish and practical?).

Take your bomber jacket from day to night by pairing it with a form fitting dress, sky high heels and some statement jewelry for the ultimate sexy look that will have all eyes on you. Don’t feel like a dress? Pair the jacket with some ripped jeans, knee high boots and a sheer top for a look that screams confidence.

If a bomber jacket sounds like something you need in your closet, like, right this second, here are a few of our favorites to inspire your next bomber jacket outfit.

Camo Bomber Jacket

First up on our list of current favorites is this Camo bomber jacket. The camouflage pattern perfectly complements the bomber jacket’s edgy rep and provides an extra boost of confidence that is absolutely infectious. It’s the embodiment of tough girl chic and looks just as great over a workout outfit as it does with your favorite jeans. And the steely blue/gray color provides a neutral canvas to pair with a number of different outfits.

Striped Bomber Jacket

If you’d like something with some subtle color this Roller Girl Bomber Jacket is definitely a must have. Its vertical stripes provide just the right amount of visual interest to keep your bomber jacket as the focal point of your outfit—but not overwhelm your look. Plus, vertical stripes elongate the frame, making this a perfect choice for petite ladies who appreciate looking a bit taller. Pair it with a simple black dress and casual sneakers for a day date with your girlfriends.

Disco Bomber Jacket

Disco style is all about bright colors and bold patterns that stand out from the crowd—and a lot of sparkle. And if you’re all in with the resurgence of this 70’s fashion craze, then this Disco Bomber Jacket will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Pair it with some jeans and a black tank or a classic LBD to make sure the jacket is the star of the show and you’ll never want to take it off.

Reversible Bomber Jacket

Want to know a secret about our bomber jackets? They’re reversible! Each one we’ve shown so far can be reversed to expose a whole new look—and give you double the bomber jacket looks to wear. Go from dark to light with this Mahalo/Adder Bomber Jacket. The two distinct looks make this jacket great for both day and night—and for matching with a ton of outfits. And the Dark Prism/Mokume bomber jacket is ideal for nights on the town. This reversible jacket features two dark and sultry styles; pair with your favorite outfits for a sexy evening look that’s the talk of the town. Choose between deep blue or a subtle color-splashed option depending on your mood.

Sexy and stylish bomber jackets are the new hottest thing in athleisure. Wear one before a workout, while out shopping or on a date and feel confident knowing your look is on the cutting edge of fashion.

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