Athletic Outerwear Pieces for When It’s Cold Outside

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With Winter in front of us, it’s time to prepare for the inevitable chill that’ll soon take over our weather reports. And that means it’s also time to swap out our light and airy summer workout apparel for some cute and cozy activewear that’ll keep your motivation high even when the temperatures drop. And with so many options for fashionable workout clothes for women, you’ll have no trouble finding everything you need to create a winter workout wardrobe you’ll love.

When it comes to dressing for colder weather, it’s important to maximize both warmth and comfort so that your workouts are effective and safe. Let’s be honest—you’re not going to get in a good sweat session if your teeth are chattering and you can’t stop shivering. That means gearing up in layers like bomber jackets and hoodies is essential (not to mention that these versatile pieces look just as cute for running errands as they do for running on the track!).

Check out our top recommendations for cold weather outerwear pieces for women below to get inspired to add a few pieces to your own collection.

Free Cycle Tee

These amazing and endlessly versatile pieces of athletic outerwear are great to wear when the temperature is in between warm and cold but can also be layered under a jacket or over a cute bra to add extra warmth when you start to see a significant drop in temperature. Plus, they provide a great balance between a roomy fit that allows for exceptional range of motion, and a form fit that doesn’t have unnecessary extra fabric that can get in the way of certain activities.

This gorgeous Rose Freya Freecycle Tee. It features a subtle yet energetic pattern that will get you excited to work out and has an ultra-flattering fit perfect for just about any body type. We love pairing it with solid color leggings in just about any color for a perfectly stylish cold weather activewear look.


We’re pretty sure nothing keeps you warmer on a chilly day than the trusty hoody. They’ve been a staple of cold weather wardrobes for decades but today’s hoodies tend to maximize both style and comfort—something their predecessors couldn’t always claim to accomplish. They’re perfect for the days when the weather is looking grim but you still want to go out and hit some pavement. Throw one on over one of your favorite sweat wicking tops for a comfortable and warm workout.

We love the unique multi-colored look of this Pandora Hoodie for all you stylish, active ladies out there. It’s got the hood (of course!), but also features a hidden zipper Kangaroo pocket for no-stress storage and thumbholes to help keep hands warm. You’ll never get tired of wearing it!

Half Zipper Jackets

When it comes to fashionable workout clothes for women, you can’t beat full or half zipper jackets. They’ve been hugely popular over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. They’re typically extremely light despite their warmth, and are perfect for those of us who may be freezing at the start of a workout but by the end feel like we’re in our own personal sauna. Hello there, zipper! Slide it down just a bit to help you cool down after an intense workout.

This Mist Sea Cliff Half Zipper Jacket is a perfect example of why we love this type of outerwear. It’s super stylish and flattering while being totally functional. Can’t you see yourself out for a morning jog or walking home after a hot yoga class in it? You’ll feel comfortable and confident every time you put it on.

Bomber Jackets

Nothing says sexy workout apparel like the bomber jacket. This outerwear has seen a huge revival in the fashion world recently as people embrace its ability to double as a workout jacket and a jacket to wear out on the town. It’s perfect for layering over sweat wicking tops or sports bras as you run to the gym or meet up with friends for lunch and pull together an athleisure look with ease.

Try one like our Black Foxy Bomber Jacket for two times the gorgeous looks! The Black Foxy print is a playful, irreverent nod to luxury pattern that is perfect for pairing with some skinnies and a sleek black tank for a night in the city.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned while being in the athletic fashion industry it’s this: colder temperatures don’t mean you have to lose your sense of style. Workout clothes for cold weather can be just as stylish as (if not more than) their warm weather counterparts. You just need to look around and find the pieces that match your personal look.

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