Athletic Wear Fashion Trend: Side Striped Yoga Leggings & Pants

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In the fashion world, trends are always coming and going, and the world of athletic wear is no different. That why we at WITH always try to stay on the cutting edge of style trends to bring women the best yoga leggings and pants—both in terms of style and comfort (not to mention the ability to stand up to the toughest workouts). That’s why we’re so excited to share some of our new side striped yoga leggings—they combine fashion and comfort into a legging you’ll love.


Why Side Striped?

This look is so popular because it somehow manages to feel classic and timeless while still giving off a sleek modern vibe. Whether you prefer solid colors or patterns, a stripe down the side of your yoga pants or leggings is a great way to add a subtle contrast to your look. Plus, if you’re wearing side striped pants as street wear it gives it a distinct athletic look that is effortlessly stylish. That’s why we were eager to embrace this style and create unique and eye-catching designs for yoga leggings for women.

Side Striped Yoga Leggings

To help give you a better idea of how you can wear this trend we’re sharing some of our favorite leggings with a side stripe with you. The side stripe perfectly complements the already sleek, slim fit of leggings to make your legs look even longer as you hit up a Pilates class or run to the grocery store. We’ve got a great variety of camo yoga leggings featuring this trend that would be a perfect addition to any workout wardrobe.

First up are these stunning Vanish Camo Side Stripe Yoga Capris. These are the epitome of tough girl workout fashion—you can immediately envision yourself in them crushing a spin class or mastering a new move in kickboxing. The capri length is perfect for helping you stay cool and the contrast of the deep red with the black and white side stripe is a classic color combination that never goes out of style.

Our Heather Camo Side Striped Leggings feature a more traditional camo pattern. These leggings look great in the gym but are equally fashionable for a day out shopping with the girls when paired with an oversized sweatshirt or a bomber jacket and some sneakers. We love how the bright red side stripe breaks up the camo pattern just enough to further accentuate and sculpt your legs. These are a must have for anyone who loves patterned leggings.

If you’d like a more subtle look, our Vanish Camo Side Striped Leggings are for you. These stylish high rise yoga leggings feature a camo pattern that’s subtle enough to be worn as a neutral pant to pair with a variety of colored tops. The reflective white side stripe is a bold pop against the dark fabric and makes your legs look miles long. Wear them on a long run or to the movies with a long sleeve tee for a comfy and casual look.

Side Striped Pants

 If you prefer a more relaxed fit, you can’t beat the look of these classic yoga track pants. Their style features the perfect balance—enough room to avoid feeling like you need to jump into your pants yet still slim enough to not get in the way of any workouts. And when they feature a side stripe they’ll become a staple piece of workout wear.

For a look that will never go out of style, these Roller Girl Track Pants will be your best friend. They feature a mostly neutral look with just a hint of a pattern around the ankles—perfect for the days when you want a simple look that requires minimal effort. They’ll match with a number of tops, which makes them a valuable addition to any closet. Plus, they’re a super cute alternative to leggings or jeans with a casual outfit.

These deep blue Carribbean Track Pants are a little more eclectic, which makes them a must have for those who prefer athletic wear with some extra personality. The pattern around the lower half of the leg is an adorably feminine addition to an otherwise subtle look. And the white stripe down the navy blue fabric lengthens your legs for a flattering look. These are great for wearing to yoga or to visit a friend.

Have you fallen in love with these effortlessly cool yoga leggings and pants yet? The side stripe is a fashionable and flattering detail for all body types and personal styles, making them an easy choice for yoga or any number of physical activities. Add a pair or two of your favorite side stripe yoga leggings to your wardrobe for a new and fashionable look.

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