Be comfortable & Stylish with Shorts & Skorts

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At Wear It To Heart, it is no secret that we love our leggings. Who doesn’t? But today’s modern woman needs a wide variety of clothing in her wardrobe, and that includes her workout wear. For spring and summer, nothing adds style and versatility to your closet like shorts and skorts. They keep you cool and comfortable, and best of all, they let you show off those gams you’ve been working so hard to keep in shape!

The right pair of workout shorts will have a few important qualities. First of all, they have to make you feel comfortable. Depending on your preferred style and your athletic activities, what makes you feel comfortable may change. Bike shorts are great for cycling, while loose-fitting shorts are often preferred by runners. And some women are really drawn to the femininity and versatility of a skort. The bottom line is that if you really want to get – and stay – in shape, having the right wardrobe can help get you there.

Shorts and skorts are essential for a number of athletic activities, such as tennis and running. Shorts are also comfortable for yoga, Pilates, and cycling. Regardless of your workout regimen, the right pair of shorts can breathe new life into your wardrobe and give you the workout wear you need to stay cool and comfortable all year round. These shorts and skorts are both attractive and functional, making them perfectly suited for helping you stay in shape! Whether you’re looking for a yoga skort or a great pair of running shorts, Wear It To Heart has everything you need to ensure that your wardrobe reflects your workout style.

Our Serge High-Waisted Shorts feature a 5-inch waistband, making them unbelievably comfortable. If you like wearing shorts but don’t like them pinching into your waist or constantly rolling down, these are the shorts for you. They are crafted from our moisture-wicking, fast-drying four-way stretch fabric, making them perfect for even the most vigorous activities.

For a looser-fitting style, try these Butterfly Shorts. They are breathable and lightweight, making them an easy choice for hard workouts. They are crafted from durable fabric with superior hand stretch, making them soft and flexible. The indigo camo pattern is fun and simple to pair with tanks, jackets, or sports bras. If you truly want to take advantage of the warmer weather this year, wearing these great butterfly shorts will keep you cool – whether you’re hiking, running, or just enjoying the breeze.

For a unique style, our Solid Fringe Skort fits the bill. It is crafted from our proprietary Salutex fabric with four-way stretch. The material is moisture wicking, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. The skort has a 3.5” waistband and a 3” fringe hem. It has built in shorts for modesty and comfort, making this skort perfect for any activity, from yoga to tennis to golf. There’s even a hidden front pocket for valuables. If you want to dress comfortably without sacrificing style, then this skort is for you.

At Wear It To Heart, our clothing is designed with the active woman in mind. We know that time is precious, and that you’ll often end up wearing your workout gear before or after (or sometimes instead of) going to the gym. Kids wake up late, traffic gets congested, and work meetings run long. Shouldn’t one thing in your life be simple? That is why our athletic fashions are both stylish and functional, making them simple choices for even the most difficult of days. Our newest pieces include shorts and skorts which look great on everyone and were designed to keep you dry while looking fabulous. At Wear It To Heart, we carry yoga leggings, capris, sports bras, jackets, and everything else you could possibly need to look your best while you keep up with your fitness regimen. Our clothing is well-made and durable, so you’ll never have to worry about it wearing thin after a couple of washes. In addition to our solid pieces, we also have fun designs such as animal prints, camouflage, and florals, not to mention neon and mesh looks to step up your sex appeal. Trust Wear It To Heart for all of your athletic clothing needs!

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