Hot Yoga

By now, you’ve almost surely heard of hot yoga. There is a reason why interest in hot yoga seems to have skyrocketed, and time has proven that this fitness regimen is more than a fleeting trend. In hot yoga, or Bikram yoga, the heat in the room is turned up to a scorching 105ºF. Hot yoga is intended to allow you to stretch more deeply and to kick your cardio up to a higher level than you would experience during a typical yoga session. Bringing a towel is key, as you can place it over your yoga mat to reduce slipping. In fact, if you decide that hot yoga is right for you, it is suggested that you purchase a yoga towel which will dry quickly and help you stay dry during your workout. Oh, and one more thing: you are sure to sweat–a lot. This fact makes your choice of workout clothing more important than ever. Here are some suggestions of attire which is well-suited for hot yoga:

High-waisted capris are the perfect choice for hot yoga. They are a shorter style to help keep you cool, while the higher waist offers you more coverage if you want to wear a sports bra or cropped top. These Cloudy Polka Dots High-Waisted Capris are both stylish and comfortable, with a blend of primary colors which are simple to accessorize with the rest of your workout wardrobe. They truly are the perfect yoga legging.