How to find the best Yoga Camo Capri Pants for Women

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When you feel great about how you look, you can face anything the day throws at you. This is especially true for working out, as exhaustion can often leave you feeling less than your best. A great set of capri leggings can make a bigger difference in your attitude than you might expect. Yoga leggings can be your most - or least - favorite item in your wardrobe, depending upon their level of comfort and style. Therefore, while everyone likes to look great, purchasing products made with high-quality materials can help to ensure that your capris will last for years to come.

But having well-made yoga leggings doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Camo is one of the hottest prints out right now, adding a touch of sexiness to your form-fitting legwear. Wear it to Heart carries a number of yoga camo capris, as well as our other popular yoga legging styles, including standard length and high-waist varieties. All of our leggings are made from our proprietary Salutex fabric, giving you a four-way stretch and incredible moisture-wicking material to keep you dry even in the most intense workout sessions. Our capris offer unrivaled flexibility and comfort, and can keep you looking fabulous everywhere from the gym to the coffee shop. Here are some of our favorite yoga camo legging options:

Let’s start with our alluring, new prints! These Vanish Camo, available in red and blue as shown here. Our capri is simply a shorter version of our classic legging, giving you added flexibility and a perfect fit. This gorgeous pant looks gorgeous paired with everything from a sports bra to a fun tee and a rolled-sleeve blazer. Toss on some tennis shoes for heading to the gym, or pair your capris with flats or even boots for a classic casual style. When you combine capris with camo, your yoga class is just the beginning.


Looking to shake things up a little? Check out our Snake Camo Capris, available in green as shown here, or blue or red. The snakeskin-inspired camo print is a fun twist on traditional camo styles, while the shorter capri length provides the breathability you love. These pants are sure to become your favorite go-to piece of workout wear for all of your fitness needs.

For a more feminine look, consider our Camo Chameleon Capris, available in this gorgeous rainbow-inspired print. The high-waisted style lengthens your legs and sculpts your backside, giving you the sporty yet sexy style you’re looking for. The lovely color scheme makes these leggings simple to coordinate with anything in your wardrobe. With these chameleon capris, you’ll never need to worry about blending in with the crowd.

Want to get more out of your leggings? These Reversible Calacatta Chameleon Camo Capris are a dream come true. They come in our gorgeous blue calacatta style, and reverse to the stunning chameleon camo print with the rainbow hues. These unique leggings are sure to have you turning heads. And the versatile reversible design is like getting two pairs of leggings in one! This great capri is available at an incredible price, meaning these beauties are sure to go fast!

Finally, our Urban Camo Capris in Red are nothing short of stunning. These little beauties offer the durability and comfort of our standard capris, but come in a red-hot design that you’ll be sure to love. This sexy style will have you ready to head out the door to every yoga class you can find, just for an excuse to wear them. But do yourself a favor and pair them with some of the standard items in your wardrobe, to give your traditional clothing a camo kick! From slouchy sweaters to simple tanks, these camo capris will give your closet a well-deserved fashion upgrade. 

When it comes to workout wear, you should never have to sacrifice style for comfort. Our camo capris are available in a number of styles and colors, and will have you falling in love with yoga all over again.

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