How To Style Your Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants are enjoying their moment as the newest “must have” fashion item, and it appears that the active fashion trend is likely to continue for quite some time. This is great news for fashion lovers who also appreciate comfort and versatility, as the yoga pant readily provides both.  We have some great fashion suggestions for those looking to introduce yoga pants into their wardrobes, or even for longtime fans hunting for new ensemble inspirations. Here are three suggestions on what to wear with yoga pants, along with recommendations as to how to best wear this trend in several ways.

Wear Them with Athletic Wear

This suggestion is likely the simplest, but it sometimes goes overlooked.  Yoga pants look great as part of an overall active fashion look. For the bold, try pairing them with just a sports bra and tennis shoes. A simple tank gives you the same streamlined, athletic look but provides a little more coverage. And yoga pants look great with sweatshirts, hoodies and bomber jackets. Even if you’re not headed to the gym, your yoga pants combined with other pieces of athletic wear provide you with a comfortable, attractive ensemble suitable for errands or a trip to the coffee shop.

Wear Them with Dressy Sweaters and Boots

As the weather cools, yoga pants take on a whole new life in your wardrobe. A of printed pants make a wonderful base for most winter ensembles. A cropped or even long sweater and a pair of tall boots make for a comfortable yet sophisticated look. This combination is also a great way to introduce yoga pants into your everyday wardrobe, as the pants themselves take a backseat to the rest of your outfit.  This way you can get the comfort of yoga pants without sacrificing style or modesty. It’s simply a solid combination that looks great on everyone.

Wear Them with Casual Wear

For an assortment of easy everyday looks, yoga pants should be the staple of your wardrobe. You can pair them with virtually everything and know that you’re going to look great. Try a simple t-shirt and flats for a quick trip around town.  A button-up blouse and kitten heels look perfect when combined with sleek yoga leggings. You can substitute them for skinny jeans or even black pants to breathe new life into your current clothing collection. And with various accessories such as your favorite choker or a simple scarf, the possibilities are truly endless.

With all of the available combinations out there, perhaps a simpler question is what can’t you wear with yoga pants? Dress them up or dress them down–just make sure that you have plenty of pairs on hand to get you through the seasons! Yoga pants are truly a signature fashion piece sure to keep you looking great for years to come.

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