Our Favorite Ombre Leggings

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If you’re someone who enjoys working out you’ll more than likely have your fair share of athleisure lurking in your closet. After all, isn’t a workout more enjoyable when you’re wearing clothes you love and feel good in? There’s just something about pulling on a pair of leggings that hug your every curve that motivates you to run a little faster, get a little sweatier, and try a little harder. And, fortunately, more variety in athleisure styles is available to us today.

Instead of sticking with traditional solid color leggings, we’ve noticed that more designers are creating leggings in an assortment of colors and patterns to fit the style of just about any woman and make her feel her best. So don’t settle for the same old, same old workout clothes. Instead, embrace your unique style and find activewear that makes you stand out and inspires the women around you to do the same.

One of our favorite workout looks that breaks the mold is ombre leggings. Yes, that’s right; this is a hot look, not just for hair but for fashion, too! Ombre workout pants still offer all the flattering support of the leggings we know and love but have an eye-catching color fade design that will turn heads—in the best way possible. Here are some ombre leggings we’re loving right now and that we think you’ll adore, too!

Sleek and Subtle

These black ombre leggings are perfect for someone who hasn’t yet dipped their toe into the patterned leggings pool and wants to start with something that’s still traditional. High waisted for comfort (no worries about slipping too low during spin class!) and featuring our 4-way stretch salutex material that flatters any body shape and allows for maximum range of motion, these are the perfect ombre workout pants for just about any physical activity. Plus, their blizzard pattern evokes a sense of action and energy, which might be just the motivation you need to get active—even on the days when you feel like staying snuggled in your bed. Slip these on with your favorite tank and hit the pavement for a workout that’ll energize you through the day.


For something a little bolder, these Hyper Dot Gradient Leggings are the perfect choice. With three color options (choose your fav or take home all three—it’ll be our little secret!), you can pick the one that best matches your unique style. They combine a sporty polka dot pattern with an ombre color fade for a look that’s unexpected and on trend, meaning you’ll feel like a total fashionista as you hit the gym. And once you pull these ombre leggings on you’ll never want to take them off—they’re designed to lengthen your legs and sculpt your booty for an extra boost of confidence as you tackle your workout. Create a super stylish look by pairing these with a top that matches the color on the bottom of the leggings for a perfectly coordinated effect.



Perfectly Mismatched

We love a lot of leggings, but this pair is definitely one of our top picks. Unlike a classic ombre fade that’s uniform throughout, these Roller Girl leggings feature a one-sided look that draws the eye and turns the ombre look on its head. They’re perfect for the woman who’s not afraid to stand out and rock a look that’s a little eccentric and doesn’t fit the mold of typical women’s activewear. And for added comfort, they are sweat wicking leggings that help keep you cool and dry (even during your toughest workouts) to keep you going longer.

Have we convinced you to hop on the ombre yoga pants or leggings train yet? It’s such a stand out look that takes workout clothes from cute to totally drool worthy, perfect for a boot camp class with friends or an after work run. Check out our selection of ombre leggings and find your favorites—you know that once you get them on you’ll be instantly in love!

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