What to expect at a Restorative Yoga Class?

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Are you looking for a new way to de-stress from hectic days running to and from various responsibilities? Or do you want to add a new, low-impact workout to your routine? If so, restorative yoga may be just what you’re looking for.

There are quite a few different types of yoga to try that incorporate various poses and breathing techniques designed to stretch and strengthen muscles and improve overall physical and mental wellness. What most people envision when they think of Yoga is generally something similar to Hatha Yoga, which consists of switching up poses and breathing techniques in a relatively low-impact and slow moving workout. There are also more vigorous yoga classes, like Vinyasa, which rely on synchronized poses and breathing techniques that move at a faster pace.


However, restorative yoga classes differ from the majority of yoga techniques in that it’s designed to be extremely gentle and slow moving—almost meditative—and places emphasis on relaxation and mindfulness. If you decided to try a restorative yoga class you should expect to experience a type of activity that’s less about physical exertion or strength (although you’ll still feel plenty of stretch in your muscles!) and more about learning how to mentally unwind and be aware of your body and its physical needs.

Poses in a restorative yoga class can be held for as long as 20 minutes and typically only 4-5 poses are performed in a single session. Because participants hold poses for so long, they use various props (such as cushions, pillows, and blocks) to support them and ensure that no undue stress is placed upon the body. And depending on the yoga studio, the rooms where class takes place may have dim lighting, soft music playing, or be heated in an effort to create an immersive and totally relaxed environment.

And while your yoga instructor will have all the necessary props you’ll need for the class, it’ll be up to you to come dressed for a successful class. Fortunately, we’ve got tons of yoga clothes for women that would be perfect for a restorative yoga class. For a bit of fun and fashionable inspiration here are a few of the pieces of yoga gear we’re currently crushing on.

This Candy Halter Tank is the perfect combination of sexy and supportive that’ll leave you feeling excited for an hour of focused relaxation. The Disco and Camo prints stand out without being overly busy and its neutral color means it will pair well with a number of yoga outfits. Plus, it offers light support, which is perfect for a gentle activity like restorative yoga. If you want a few more full coverage options check out the rest of our yoga tanks to find your favorites.

Searching for the best yoga pants? How about these stunning Freya Boundless leggings? They feature a one-of-a-kind design that will stand out from the sea of solid black leggings you typically see in a yoga class. Just pulling them on will motivate you to hit the yoga studio. Fall in love with them and a few other pairs while shopping through our whole collection of new Boundless Leggings.

We’re also drooling over our latest yoga capris—especially these sweet and dainty Camo disco Boundless capris. The pattern is adorable, and we love the deep, sparkling color. Plus, the combination of light blue and black is still fairly neutral, meaning you can pair these with a number of different colored tops. The high waisted style will also keep you from feeling too exposed when stretching in various positions.

For yoga classes with a heated room, you can’t go wrong with a cute yoga clothes that keep you cool, namely sports bras and shorts. We definitely recommend the Ophelia High Neck Bra. It has a gorgeous floral pattern that’s soft and feminine—perfect for a soothing yoga class. And the mesh, keyhole back adds fun, unexpected details. It’ll definitely be the yoga bra you’re most excited to pull out of your closet. And, to keep you extra cool, pair it with some stylish yoga shorts to complete the look. These Serge Butterfly shorts are some of our most popular because they combine comfort, support and the ability to match an unlimited number of tops.

For other fashion forward yoga wear, see more of our full collections of yoga shorts, capris and sports bras. You’ll be totally prepared for a relaxing restorative yoga class that’ll help you unwind and appreciate the little things in life (like adorable yoga apparel).

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