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Isn’t it difficult to keep up with daily routines during the Holidays? Family visits, holiday dinners, and New Year’s celebrations come along, and the motivation to continue working out seems to just disappear. The worst part? When we finally get that inspiration to get up and work out, we put our foot outside into the icy cold weather and immediately regret leaving home to exercise. Of course, we would love to stay inside, cozy at home, so here are some tips that might help you get through this winter:

 Indoor Activities

There are bunch of different indoor activities you can practice for this winter. You can do indoor Yoga, some Dancing Class, not to mention going to the gym and doing some Cross Training. While the sky is the limit, in this case, the weather is. So, we recommend trying our new Black Foxy Bomber Jacket, featuring retro mesh sleeves for an optical cooling. Match it with our new Disco Collection items and feel the fierce to beat this cold weather.

Follow the sunshine

Make the sun your ally! Sunshine is especially important during this time of year, providing us with vitamin D to keep our bones and immune system strong. Try on our new Black Foxy Boundless Leggings, go for a nice run under the sun, and tell us how you felt after it. You will feel flattering sexy and comfy at the same time!

Stay Warm

Going outside? Remember to do a little warmup before you get out, and don’t forget to wear several layers to keep your body heat in. If you do get a bit warmer, (sweating is okay!) you can remove layers if needed.

Remember these tips, and don’t skip your daily routines for Holidays. Believe us, you’ll beat those temptations and feel on the top of the world come the New Year!





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