Our Story

Female-founded and family run, Wear it To Heart began in 2011 to provide dynamic activewear that prioritizes individual authenticity over basic conformity. 

Today, we’re dedicated to creating designs that empower you to take on your workout…then the world.

Created with community in mind

When it comes to social impact, positive change starts with our community.

We believe in helping all the communities we belong to, from our employees and customers to our global community and environment.

Built to Perform in Style

Our Vision

We know you’re always helping others, so we’re here to remind you to help yourself too.

Whether self care means breaking a sweat or lounging on your couch, we aim to make you feel strong, capable, and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Constructed with integrity so there’s no pilling or stretching overtime

High color fastness rating for vibrant and longer lasting prints

Four-way stretch tested to guarantee a garment that moves with you

Fabric blended for top notch performance

100% opaque leggings for no unwanted sheerness

Designed to Empower You


We believe you discover your power at the edge of your breaking point. We design clothes that make it easy to challenge yourself physically so you can feel strong mentally.


⇾ Bold designs created for every shade of you

⇾ Dynamic designs to embolden your personal style

⇾ Hand-cut and tailored for every size so you feel confident in your fit

⇾ Low maintenance and machine washable so you can focus on what matters


"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"

-Nelson Mandela

We partner with the Garrobo Foundation to provide education to our employees and empower them to achieve their dreams.

The Garrobo Project enhances corporate social responsibility, making way for the establishment of social programs for vulnerable children and displaced young women through Fundación Garrobo.