Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves as much on our world class prints and product quality as we do our consciously minded manufacturing decisions. A cutting-edge print power house in the active fashion space, we offer industry leading quality and style without compromise. We take inspiration from today’s modern woman who favors impeccable personal style over uniformity and who isn’t afraid to step out of the classic black uniform in favor of fun, dynamic prints.


Wear It To Heart activewear is ethically manufactured with a sustainable and sweatshop-free Fair Labor Association participating supplier ( The factory also offers apprenticeship programs that teach at-risk young, local mothers how to sew, and provide them with the training to eventually work in the factory, which offers an on-site Montessori child-care center and a healthcare clinic for the employees. You can be assured that Wear It To Heart represents much more than just a brand - it's a way of living for customers and employees alike.


Whether you’re running a meeting or running a marathon our fashion forward technical fabrics are tailored to your needs. Made from Salutex, a super soft, four-way power stretch performance fabric, our designs are meant to move WITH you for whatever gets you going.The Wear It To Heart ethos involves crafting products from carefully curated and engineered materials. We have intentionally chosen components that allow us to produce some of the world’s best designs and colors, while minimizing our overall carbon output. The materials we select for our products not only look and feel fantastic, but are also comfortable to wear. Incorporating the best technical features into all of our pieces allows us to give you athleticwear that performs as you need it to, moving and breathing with you for any activity you’re tackling.