5 Reasons To Live In Your Athletic Clothes

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Five Reasons to Live in Your Athletic Clothes

Believe it or not, keeping yourself healthy with a good diet and a steady workout schedule can be extremely beneficial in all parts of your life. Even when you do not feel as if you have time to fit a workout in, simply playing with your kids or cleaning your house (ugh) can raise your heart rate. And given the spontaneous nature of exercise for a busy mom, you do not always have the time–or, to be honest, the desire–to change your clothes to ensure that you are exercise-ready.

This is where comfortable, versatile activewear for women can make such a difference. By investing in high-quality, comfortable workout wear, you can be prepared for whatever comes your way throughout the day. While the clothing at Wear it to Heart is most often recognized as women’s activewear, the truth is that it is so much more than that. We make clothes which are meant to be lived in. Here are five great reasons to live in your athletic clothes:

1. You save yourself time

As every mother and busy woman knows, there are never enough hours in the day. And so much of your time is spent focusing on the needs of others–your children, your partner, your boss, your friends, etc–that making more time for yourself can seem like an impossibility. That is where athletic wear can help. By using minimal pieces of clothing which can play different roles in your wardrobe, you save yourself time when transitioning from one of your roles to another. For example, the same pair of leggings that you wear to do yoga in your living room in the morning can be paired with a sweater and boots for heading to the coffee shop. Not only do you save yourself the time of changing from one full outfit to another, but you are guaranteed to be comfortable throughout your day.

These simple Solid Leggings are one great option for saving yourself time and enhancing your wardrobe. They are fade-resistant, slimming, and uplifting, making them Wear it to Heart’s most popular legging style. With one or two pairs of these leggings, you can get dressed quickly and look great throughout the day.

2. You can easily schedule workouts when you have time

Finding time to workout is not always easy. And when a lunch meeting gets cancelled or your mother-in-law suddenly drops by and offers to watch your kids, you might want to grab a quick walk or exercise session. By incorporating your athletic wear into your daily wardrobe, you can take advantage of opportunities to work out whenever, and wherever, you find them.

These Blizzard High Waisted Leggings are both comfortable and functional, making for a simple transition from running errands to running the trail. The flattering transitional hue looks great on all body types, and the solid construction ensures that you will never have to worry about them falling apart or becoming translucent, even with many washes. Whatever your daily activities, you can be calm and comfortable in these gorgeous leggings.

3. Your clothing fits your lifestyle

Ignoring the workout aspect of athletic wear, the truth is that athleisure is simply comfortable clothing that looks great. And the same leggings that serve you well in your kickboxing class also make a wonderful wardrobe for chasing a toddler or streaming your favorite show. Life is difficult enough as it is. Wearing comfortable clothes is one of its upsides, and you should incorporate this practice into your life as often as possible. Plus, with all of the beautiful and feminine patterns at Wear it to Heart, you can also be confident knowing that you will look your best, whatever you choose to wear.

This Mist Sea Cliff Half Zipper Jacket is a perfect example of how athletic clothing can become some of the most comfortable pieces in your wardrobe. It features an incredibly soft fabric, long sleeves with thumbholes, and a versatile half zipper at the neck. It is fitted to your body, meaning that you never have to sacrifice beauty for comfort. You can simply throw on this jacket over whatever you’re wearing, knowing that you will be relaxed and that whoever you touch will be able to feel the softness as well.

4. Athletic wear encourages you to get moving

This is one of the hidden benefits of athletic clothing: it makes you feel, well, athletic. Just putting on a pair of leggings and tennis shoes can inspire you to take a quick 10-minute run, or even to take the stairs instead of the elevator. And with all of the healing and energizing powers of endorphins, getting in some exercise is always a good thing. Dress yourself in athletic clothing and see how you feel. It may help you get out and moving with a little more ease.

5. You will not always be near a shower

Finally, a practical reason why women’s activewear is a great clothing option: sometimes you don’t have time to shower after you work out. If you are in a great pair of leggings and a top from W.I.T.H., you don’t have to stress about your post-workout appearance. With their Salutex fabric, moisture is wicked away from the body, where it quickly evaporates and leaves you feeling dry. This means that you can get in a workout before picking your children up from school without looking, and smelling, like you just came from the gym.

At Wear it to Heart, we are customer-focused from the very beginning. Our clothing is environmentally friendly and is ethically made by a well-trained and respected workforce. You can feel good–both inside and out–when wearing our clothing, both inside the gym and out.


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