An International Fashion Statement

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As fashion preferences change, designers constantly create new styles and trends people will love. But some trends just never die. Fashion leggings are one of those timeless pieces that are incorporated into our wardrobes in new and exciting ways. From the hair bands of the 1980s to the fashion runways in Milan, colorful leggings have been seen everywhere and on everyone. Their comfort and versatility have contributed to their recent resurgence as the must-have piece in every wardrobe.


Those of us who love leggings owe a big thank you to fashion icons of the 1970s such as, Olivia Newton John and Jackie Collins, who proved that leggings could be both feminine and fashionable at the same time. Hollywood goddesses such as Audrey Hepburn used leggings to change the traditional notions of female fashion around by taking simple leggings and turning them into frequently sighted signature pieces in the wardrobes of the most fashionable women of all time. No fashion history lesson would be complete without an homage to pop icon Madonna, who showed us that lace leggings could make anyone look sexy. Jane Fonda proved that leggings were the ultimate in workout wear, and the runway models of today are a strong reminder that this fashion trend will not be going away anytime soon.


Here are some great modern leggings with classic flare, sure to keep you looking fit and fabulous from your morning trip to the gym to date night out on the town. If your legging collection has been limited to classic black, do yourself a favor by checking out these eye-catching styles;

What about adding a little flower power? These High Waisted Capris give an approving nod to the ‘70s with their gorgeous floral print. The primary colors make these leggings simple to accessorize. I mean why wouldn’t you want to show these off? These leggings are not only amazing to workout with but they are also the perfect choice for non-workout activities. Pair them with a simple tank and leather jacket to create a modern twist on the classic floral pattern.

But we get it, flowers aren't for everyone. Which is why we have a variety of styles that fit every personality. 

Want something a little more eye-catching? These Venom Black Coral Leggings are a fun twist on our classic leggings, which are amazing because they have been specially designed to lift your glutes and lengthen your legs, giving you a flattering style that looks great. I mean, what more can we ask for. You can pair these stunners with a solid black tee or a sports bra in a contrasting pattern for a chic style. Just because leggings are a classic wardrobe staple doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Come on, this pattern would have Axl Rose drooling if he saw them on you.

Looking for the perfect combination of sexy and sporty? Adder Leggings are available in black or blue with a fading color scheme towards the ankles and contrasting stripes around the calves. The black or blue portions of the pant are given depth with a snakeskin-type pattern sure to have you turning heads wherever you go. These leggings are a great choice if you are looking to slowly switch from solid leggings to more fashionable styles. They offer a stylish twist on the classic style without being over the top. Pair them with tennis shoes and a solid bra with a sexy mesh tee for an exciting, versatile look. And for something unexpected, try combining them with a chunky-knit sweater and a pair of flats for a look that will inspire endless envy everywhere you go.


They say that everything old becomes new again, and that adage is never more appropriate than in fashion, as one generation’s favorites are repeatedly reborn through the decades. If you thought that leggings were just a passing fad, a quick look through the fashion queens of the past will easily prove otherwise. Leggings have been helping women look sexy for generations. Find your next favorite pair of leggings at Wear It To Heart, where we make it our primary goal to meet the fashion needs of active-minded women of all ages. Our clothing offers you the ultimate in form and function, and will keep you looking–and feeling–like the fashion goddess you are.

Oh and by the way, Happy International Woman's day to everyone. We love you!





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