Style check: Neon Neon Neon!

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You know what they say—nothing that goes out of style stays out of style for long. And that couldn’t be truer for this style staple of the ‘80s: neon colors so bright they can’t help being noticed.

Anyone who’s lived through that particular decade (or has seen pictures of those who have) knows that bold and bright colors were definitely one of the top fashion trends during that time. Women thoroughly enjoyed expressing themselves with these colors and standing out from the crowd. And at WITH we’re excited to see that this trend is making a comeback and once again capturing the attention of the fashion world.

More women are ditching black and other neutral colors for bright colored leggings that give an extra wow factor to their workout outfits. But we’re also finding that colored leggings for women are pulling double duty—working just as well for a stylish daytime look as they do for the gym. Far from being too over-the-top, these bright colors give off a fun, upbeat vibe that’s infectious and inspires you to feel good every time you wear them. This makes them the best leggings to wear when you need an extra boost of motivation (like for that early morning kickboxing class you keep meaning to take).

If you’re unsure about this look or want to know what options are out there, we’re going to share some of our favorite pieces of neon activewear for women. We’re pretty sure by the time we get through them you’ll be as in love with the neon look as we are!

These Adder Leggings in blackberry are a showstopping piece of activewear that will make you excited to work out. The combination of the bold shades of pink and purple with an eye catching pattern take an ordinary pair of leggings and turn them into the ultimate expression of workout style. Pair them with a black tank or sports bra and hit the gym with confidence—it’s safe to say you’ll be one of the most stylish people there.

If you’d prefer colored capri leggings to keep you cool and comfortable these Hyper Dots High Waisted Capris might just be your perfect style match. Bright green with a high energy pattern, these petite capri leggings will be the star of any outfit you pair them with. Wear them for a run with a loose tank top and a sports bra underneath (go with hot pink if you’re feeling particularly into the neon look) for an enviable workout look. Or, pair them with a white long sleeve tee for a low-maintenance outfit, perfect for strolling around town with a few friends.  

To make your search for clothes to wear to the gym even easier, why not snag yourself a pair of these Mahalo Leggings? They come in a variety of colors but our favorite by far is the classic Mahalo. You just can’t go wrong with pops of neon green over a deep blue. And don’t even get us started on the gorgeous flower pattern! They’re bright enough to get noticed but are versatile enough to work great with a variety of different looks. Add a simple blue tank for the perfect outdoor workout look. Or pair with a high necked crop top in white or green to create an effortlessly chic look for a backyard barbecue.

And that’s just the tip of the neon legging iceberg. There are so many colors and styles to try that you’ll definitely find a pair that fits your unique style—and then want to wear them every day. Don’t get stuck in a boring black or navy legging rut. While there’s always a time and a place for them, shaking up your activewear with neon colors can give you an extra boost of confidence and even (dare we say) make you look forward to your workouts. If you could use a shakeup in your workout wardrobe give this bold look a try—you might just end up finding the best leggings you’ve ever had.

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