Women’s Weight Training – 6 Essential Things You Need!

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We’re pretty sure that it’s now an accepted fact that strong is sexy.  That women no longer need to condemn themselves to the cardio machines and leave weightlifting “for the boys.” No, now’s the time to realize that weight training is a super beneficial and confidence-boosting way to get your sweat on. So give your running shoes a break and join the wide, wonderful world of women’s weight training.

We pinky promise you’ll love it.

But, of course, before you can get started you need to get prepared by gathering up a few essential pieces of gear to get through a workout successfully and safely. After all, what good is a workout if it’s only done halfway?

So to make sure you’re prepped and ready to hit the weights, we’ve gathered a list of six essential weight training items that you’ll need to get started. Once you’ve got them you’ll be on your way to a stronger, healthier you that’s ready to take on the world. So check out this list and bust out your favorite comfortable leggings and sports bra—it’s time to get toned!


Perhaps the most recognizable piece of weight lifting equipment, dumbbells will be the foundation of many weight-lifting sessions at home. When you set out to purchase them, start with the weight you can currently manage and then buy a few pairs in increasing weights to use as your strength increases. There’s a nearly limitless number of ways to incorporate dumbbells into your weight training routine and they’re great for working a variety of muscles and incorporating into exercises like lunges that target multiple parts of the body.

Barbell and Weight Plates

Another piece of foundational equipment is the barbell. And unlike what many might think, you don’t need a bench press to go with it. The barbell and weight plates on their own offer many different lifts to help get you toned, including the always grueling deadlift. But, hey, after you’ve done it for a while you’ll be impressed at how much weight you can lift!

Yoga Mat (or something similar)

For some exercises you may lay on the floor. Keep yourself comfortable (and away from the germs if not working out at home!) with a yoga mat. They come in a ton of colors and styles, so you’ll find one that’s a perfect match for you.

Exercise Ball

Work those abs and arms at the same time! For a real challenge (when you’re ready) perform simple dumbbell exercises while lying on an exercise ball. You’ll have to fully engage your core to maintain your balance and complete your lifts successfully.

Proper Form

While you can’t buy this in a store, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it. It’s been proven that having proper form while completing a lift is key to it actually building muscle and making you stronger—not to mention avoiding potential injury. If you’re unsure how to start, sign up for a few classes with a trainer at a local gym or search YouTube for tutorials. There are videos out there for nearly any move you could imagine.

Comfortable Workout Clothes

We all know that good workout clothes are worth their weight in gold. When we look and feel our best we’re much more likely to be motivated to tackle a workout. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our huge selection of women’s athleisure.

A pair of breathable leggings like these Adder Mesh Panel Capris have panels on the side of each leg to help keep you cool during a tough session with the weights. Plus, they’re ultra-stylish—perfect for a day at the gym. Or are sweat wicking leggings more your jam? If so, you’ll love these Camo Chameleon Leggings. They have moisture wicking fabric that’s designed to keep you cool while hugging every curve.

But our activewear for women doesn’t just stop at leggings. We’ve also got a huge variety of workout tops, including super soft tees and high neck work out tops. This Cloudy Polka Dots tee is perfect for wearing while lifting weights—loose enough to offer great range of motion but without extra fabric that could get in the way of completing lifts properly.

If you think weight lifting is in your future, be sure to stock up on these essential items. And treat yourself to a few new pieces of women’s active fashion—you’ll be working hard. You deserve them!

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