3 Reason Why Yoga Leggings Are a Woman’s Best Friend

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Move over diamonds, there’s a new BFF in town.

That’s right, while we’ll always love that sparkliest of stones, we’ve come to realize that a more practical, dependable and affordable best friend is what we women really need. And this new bestie is none other than the classic yoga legging. A timeless staple of a  woman’s wardrobe, yoga leggings are the ultimate combination of stylish and comfortable. They’re as great for a spin class as they are for a night on the town.

But just what exactly makes yoga leggings for women so irreplaceable? We’re glad you asked!

The best yoga leggings are more than just your average pair of pants (and, yes, leggings are pants so let’s just get that debate over this before it starts). They provide women with the type of versatility that all other wardrobe staples strive to have, which means that they’re perfect for just about any woman—from stay at home moms who push themselves to the limit to create happy homes, to high powered executives who find themselves travelling the world on a regular basis. They’re utterly classic, yet always on the cutting edge of fashion.

A pair of cool yoga leggings is truly a jack-of-all-trades fashion choice that all women can get behind. And if you’re still not convinced of the power of a good pair of yoga leggings, let us break it down for you.


Figure Flattering for Any Woman

At WITH we truly believe that our yoga leggings flatter every figure—from petite and curvy to tall and athletic. And that’s all due to our Salutex fabric that creates our incredible 4 way stretch yoga leggings. Our leggings fit your every line and curve perfectly to accentuate your booty and make your legs seem a mile long. Plus, this fabric is strong and durable, which means you don’t need to worry about transparent spots or question whether they’re too tight—they’ll fit like a second skin, but in the best way possible.

If you’re new to the world of yoga leggings and aren’t sure if they’re your style, try a pair of dark high rise leggings like our always popular Dark Prism Leggings. They offer a little more interest than traditional solid colored yoga leggings while still maintaining a flattering fit that goes with just about any top you have in your workout wardrobe.

Unbeatable Comfort

I think we can all agree that while a sleek pair of skinny jeans or a flirty dress might look good, they’re not exactly the epitome of comfort. Skinny jeans are almost impossible to relax in—sometimes it’s even a struggle just to sit in them—and a dress just doesn’t give you total freedom of motion (sometimes a lady just doesn’t want to worry about if she’s sitting properly, you know?).

 However, yoga leggings provide you with a lasting comfort that’s perfect for wearing to a class at the gym or lounging in all day long. Because they’re ultra-stretchy they move with you—almost like you’re not wearing pants at all. This means you’ll be ready to tackle just about anything without giving a second thought to limitations caused by what you’re wearing.

When it comes to our comfy yoga leggings, you’ll find a wide variety to fit any personal style. We love the look of tie dye yoga leggings like this Day Dream pair. Or, if you prefer a slightly less feminine look, we’ve got camo yoga leggings in a few different patterns that would be perfect for you. These Snake Camo Capris are some of our most popular leggings right now—they’re a great blend of comfort and style for any workout.


Versatility for the Gym and Beyond

Probably our favorite reason for stocking up on yoga leggings is their incredible versatility. With so many different looks and styles they work just as well for a yoga class as they do for a first date. Their ultimate comfort means they will be your most reliable gym partner for everything from boot camp to marathon training—just pair them with your favorite workout tops or sports bras.

But if you truly want to maximize the potential of these timeless pants, you should mix them into your everyday looks. Pair some printed yoga leggings like these Pandora Mesh Panel Capris with a cute chunky sweater in a neutral color like cream or gray and some slip on shoes for an adorable outfit perfect for grabbing coffee with a friend or running to the store. 

Or, snap up a couple pair of classic solid colored leggings for the ultimate day or night wear. Pair navy leggings with a long tunic top and classic pumps for an office look that doesn’t feel like office wear. Or dress up black leggings with your favorite heels, a sexy tank and bomber jacket for a night on the town. Their simple style lets other outfit pieces shine while keeping you perfectly comfortable.

Whatever pair you choose you won’t be able to go wrong with a pair of yoga leggings—they’re destined to be your new wardrobe BFF

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