3 Ways to Wear Workout Clothes to Work Without Anyone Knowing

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Recent innovations in workout wear have made it some of the most comfortable clothing on the planet. It’s no surprise, then, that the “athleisure” trend has become so popular, as athletic wear is now seen everywhere, both in and out of the gym. But can workout clothing really “work” in an office environment? The answer is yes, although with some basic requirements. Not everything that looks great in your yoga class will transition well to the conference room, including bright neon or other “loud” prints, or clothing which is too tight or revealing. This includes mesh items, unless they are worn over a tank.

Also, keep in mind that every workplace is different. What might be appropriate for the laid-back office of an internet start-up would not be appropriate for a courtroom. Therefore, use common sense in your wardrobe choices, always remembering that you are in a place of business. But if you are looking for some ideas as to how you can appropriately insert athleisure into your office wardrobe, here are 3 ways to wear workout clothes to work without anyone knowing.


Yoga Tanks

When it comes to wearing workout clothes to work, the blazer is going to become one of your best friends. The right blazer can turn almost any top into appropriate office wear. This is great news for those of us who love support tanks. Support tanks provide the support of a light sports bra with the length and coverage of a tank. The support tank gives you full coverage and light support, meaning that many women wear it in lieu of a separate sports bra. This means that when you wear your tank to the office, you don’t have to worry about also wearing a bra underneath, making our tops the ultimate choice in comfort. Best of all, support tanks are available in many styles and colors. Take a look at this Adder Yoga Racerback Tank, which features our beautiful Adder pattern with a fun racerback. The black base makes this top simple to coordinate with pants, skirts, and (of course) blazers, while the unique pattern will make this one of your favorite wardrobe additions.

No conversation about workout wear in the office would be complete without discussing leggings. In fact, yoga leggings are at the heart of the athleisure movement, as women discover that these little beauties can take the place of their jeans and even dress pants, making getting dressed fun again. Leggings are comfortable, and are an incredibly versatile staple for any wardrobe. One key point, however: in order for your leggings to be appropriate for the office (or any public setting, truthfully), they need to be of high quality.  Specifically, the material needs to be opaque. Cheap leggings might have an attractive price point, but quickly become a nightmare once they begin wearing thin. High-quality leggings are essential, especially in the workplace. Well-made leggings, meaning those which are crafted from strong yet flexible material which is made to last, should be a staple of every woman’s wardrobe, especially those looking to wear some workout clothing to the office.

Solid Yoga Leggings

Wear it to Heart’s Solid High Waisted Yoga Leggings come in navy or black, making them simple to accessorize with any wardrobe. We suggest pairing with flats and a dress shirt and blazer, or wear in place of tights for extra warmth and comfort. Boots and long sweaters also look great with our leggings.


Yoga Outerwear

Finally, for a unique style, consider wearing a bomber jacket where you would normally wear a blazer. While the look may be too casual for some offices, you might be surprised by just how great these jackets look in corporate settings. Try our Foxy Moto Jacket, along with our other workout pieces, and start getting more comfortable with your work clothes!

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