5 ways to keep up your fitness motivation

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Starting a new year is always a new opportunity to keep your daily routines or start a new regime from scratch. The difficult part in this case is to keep going along the whole year. Here we bring to you these tips to keep you motivated once the new year buzz is turned off.

Set Long Term Goals

Remind yourself what are you looking for in the future. Set a long-term goal and divide it in gradual changes of what you want to see in your body. You should mark these changes as mini targets along the year that will keep you interested in your main goal. And don’t forget to make sure that your goals are realistic, because if you set unachievable goals, that will demotivate you and make you quit your regimen.

Start Slowly

One of the main reasons that makes you quit your new year resolutions, is pushing yourself too hard from the beginning. This will make you feel too exhausted and make you feel impossible to accomplish your goals. That’s why you should gradually increase one by one your resistance levels. This will make you feel stronger and you’ll feel better every time you work out. 

Make your active life part of your daily life

Part of beginning a new exercise regime is to adapt yourself to a new life style. This means that from day one, you are making changes to become a renovated you. So, we recommend you to schedule fitness into your life like an important meeting that you should never quit. This will help you to build up a new habit and within 21 days you’ll be adapted to your new regime.

Get new active wear

Part of having a really good workout is making yourself look good and comfortable. So, get up and try on our New Styles that will make you look flattering and secure while working out.

Try new things

If you feel that your daily routines are getting boring, we recommend you to start trying new types of exercises. Get into that Zumba class that you always wanted, or sign in into the new CrossFit Gym. Try as much as many different classes that you’ll like to be in and never quit what you started. Remember your main goal and never give up!

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