What to look for when you are searching for an Active Wear

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Sometimes it can be difficult to search for active wear, especially if you are trying to look good and feel comfortable during your active performance. Here’s what you should look for when choosing active wear:

Comfort—Feeling secure and comfortable during any training sessions is a must. The flexibility of the fabric should adapt to your body and facilitate your workout. Our garments, specially made with Salutex Fabric, a four-way power stretch performance fabric, adheres to your skin to ensure the most comfortable performances while working out. Our garments guarantee the comfort needed for a quality workout!

Color Resistance—Have you ever had an item of clothing that after a few days of wear and one wash, just completely faded in color? It’s a bummer! You should always look impeccable, that’s why we can guarantee you that our garments will maintain their color after multiple washes due to a quality Color Fastness Test applied to every fabric we make.

Aroma Control—Odors are the worst nightmare, and that’s why aroma controlled garments are a necessity. Our perfectly designed fabrics experience long lasting freshness during and after any strenuous activity, controlling odors with their Anti-Microbial Components including silver ion technologies.

Quick dry—This is a must in every garment you are looking for to stay fresh and dry after a workout. With our Play Dry Fabric Finish found in Nylon and Polyester, it will make your skin feel dry, fresh and comfortable during any performance because of their moisture management feature.

Eco-Friendly—Finally, consider supporting environmentally friendly products. We create all of our products in the most earth-friendly way. All WITH graphic designs are made by digital-dye sub printing resulting in a process that is 99% chemical free, uses 85% less water and energy, and guarantees not to fade or wear off with every wash or use.

As Wear It to Heart, we are always trying to make you look glamorous and confident while working out. To accomplish this, we make products of the best quality for you!

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