Did someone say "NEW"?

Posted by Violeta Castaneda on

As the holiday season approaches, we are happy to announce that Wear It To Heart is preparing your closet for the best time of the year, in the most fashionable athleticwear ever!

Our Holiday collection is inspired by the over-the-top aesthetic and luxurious decadence of the 70’s. We have re-imagined 70’s night life and have brought to life a modern version in new designs and silhouettes of our Holiday collection!

You definitely need to check our new, dangerously beautiful looks with the Fur Real garments! It is a playful, irreverent nod to luxury. It is essentially a re-imagined version of the over-the-top fur coats that were a staple look in the 70’s, with a Wear It To Heart twist. For a  sensual and flirtatious apparel, but still wild enough to show the complexity of the modern woman. You'll definitely love it!

Add a little sparkle, a little glamour and boom! You will fall in love with our adorable Girls Night Out section that is fully inspired by the glittering and glamorous nightlife of the 70’s—it is disco redux. We wanted to bring to you prints that had an energy and look that women could wear out. The woman who wears this—she is fun, she is the party.

What are you waiting for? Go get yours NOW! 

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