How to Wear Disco Legging Pants

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For those of us who experienced the disco era we know that is was a time of sparkling lights, thumping music, and bright, bold, over the top fashion. From glittering short shorts to neon bell bottoms and embellished blouses, this era of fashion was not for the faint of heart. It was meant to be loud and proud—perfect for grooving under the glow of a disco ball.

Slowly but surely the daring disco style gave way to deeper darker trends like the grunge fad of the 90s. But nothing in fashion ever stays out of style for long. So it came as no surprise to us that suddenly athleisure designers are finding inspiration from the disco fashion of the past and are creating eye-catching disco leggings and pants to bump up the energy during a workout and give active women more options for their workout clothes.

We definitely fully support the revitalization of this colorful trend. Nothing gets you ready for a workout like activewear you’re actually excited to put on, and disco inspired workout clothes (like metallic leggings) are definitely something worth getting our sweat on for. When you put on a pair of brightly colored and printed leggings it can change your whole attitude about your workout. Instead of feeling like it’s something you just have to do, it becomes something you actively look forward to—because who doesn’t love wearing stylish clothes? Plus, this fashion forward trend works equally as well for activities outside of working out. Paired with a fashionable top and other accessories disco leggings can be incorporated into a day or night look that’s the talk of the town.

We’re excited to share our latest additions to the disco pants and leggings trend. If you’re in need of some new additions to your athleisure wardrobe (or just can’t resist a cute pair of leggings!) you’ve got to check out this new collection. Here are some of our favorite disco leggings that would make a great addition to any workout outfit.

First up are these gorgeous burgundy Disco Boundless Leggings. Their rich color is the perfect backdrop for a speckled pattern that mimics the look of a spinning disco ball. It’s a high energy pattern that’s perfect for a blood-pumping kick boxing class or a day running errands downtown. And you’ll love that they’re high-waisted leggings because they provide extra comfort with a waistband that won’t slip down or reveal too much—no matter how you’re moving in them. And thick, reflective side seams elongate your legs and enhance your curves. Pair them with a black tank for a sleek workout look or with an oversize gray sweater for a casual daytime outfit.

If you’re into glitz and glam, these Disco High Waisted Leggings will be your new favorite pants. Choose between a black or sapphire pair with a pattern that looks like the night sky to add some extra sparkle to your life. Anyone who loves glitter will adore these (we know we do!). They’re perfect for an early morning jog with some friends; just pair them with a bright sports bra to complete your modern disco look. Or dress them up for a night on the town. They look great with a sleek black crop top, statement earrings and your favorite funky heels for a night on the town. Or use them as a pair of glittery disco tights under a curve-hugging dress. No matter how you wear them they’ll make a statement.

When it comes to pulling off this refreshed disco trend, there’s really no limit.  Go for pieces with bright colors or energetic patterns that draw the eye. They’ll feel over the top in the best way possible and work equally as well for a butt-kicking workout as they do for a girls’ night out. Get yourself inspired to try some disco fashions by checking out our whole disco collection. This trend is back and we hope this time it’s here to stay.


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