HUSH HUSH! New Core Camo Collection is HERE!

Posted by Violeta Castaneda on

It's the perfect time to try something new! The new, Core Camo Collection has finally arrived with the most fashionable new styles and silhouettes you've seen! 

With the vision of taking traditional camouflage and reimagining it into athletic colors and on trend prints, WITH’s Core Camo collection brings a fashion forward and modern take on a concept that has become a wardrobe staple. Camo in popular culture is always fascinating because it was originally used for warfare. It’s a nice metaphor for being battle ready in everyday life. There’s even a certain utility to camo that applies to sports. You’re moving and sweating, but that’s hidden. Our camo hides, but it’s also disruptive.

Core Camo merges two design directions that are Wear It To Heart’s signatures: athletics and camouflage. Core Camo was inspired by the timeless camouflage print and everything it represents: hard work, grit, and accomplishment with the taste of competitive victory. By applying a new kind of vibrancy to something normally used to hide, Core Camo presents dynamic and form flattering silhouettes with unparalleled color execution and design.

Don't miss out! It's a MUST SEE collection!

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