Looking for the best yoga leggings? Here's how to choose!

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If there’s anything we’re sure of, it’s that no workout is as great as the workouts where you’re totally feeling your workout outfit. And if yoga is your workout of choice, nothing is going to make you feel readier to hit the mat than the perfect pair of yoga leggings.

These ultra-comfortable and stylish bottoms are the perfect foundation of any good yoga outfit. But what exactly makes a pair of yoga leggings so great?

We’re glad you asked.

When it comes to choosing just the right pair for your body and style we have what you need. Before you decide a pair is worthy of an early morning yoga session you should be sure it’s made of a comfortable and durable fabric, is a style that you’ll feel good wearing, and is the correct size (trust us, it’s not always as obvious as we think!).


What Makes Our Yoga Leggings Special?

Super comfortable and flattering fabric! Our yoga leggings are made from Salutex, an ultra-soft, four-way stretch fabric that looks great on women of all shapes and sizes and is moisture wicking for a cooler workout.
How does it wick moisture? Salutex isn’t absorbent. Instead, it pushes moisture to the outside of the fabric and away from your skin, allowing it to evaporate more easily and keep you feeling cool and dry. It’s perfect for people who not only practice yoga but love getting their sweat on with other physical activities like spin classes and running.


Styles Available

We have a wide range of styles to fit just about any body type. Don’t want to worry about legging slippage when doing the downward dog? Try one of our pairs of high waisted yoga leggings for ultimate comfort. Looking for something a little edgy? You’ll love our side stripe leggings. And if you can never have too many styles, our reversible yoga leggings are perfect for you.

Our full legging style list: High Waisted, Regular Waisted, Boundless, Side Stripe, Reversible, and Capri.


Colors Available

We know that you can never go wrong with a basic black yoga legging. But on days when you feel like switching it up we’ve got you covered. With ten colors perfect for matching with your favorite yoga tops or sports bras, you’ll have all your bases covered.

Yoga legging color options: black, blue, green, red, navy, yellow, purple, pink, gray and white.

Patterns Available

For those days you’re feeling extra confident you can’t go wrong with rocking a bold patterned yoga legging. And we have plenty to choose from to fit your personal style. From bold animal prints to feminine florals, you’ll quickly fall in love with them all.

Choose from Camo, Stained Glass, Abstract, Animal Print, Neon, Disco, Floral, Neon, or Black and White printed yoga leggings for your next yoga session.


Sizes Available

We know that women aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer a full range of sizes to help you meet your perfect yoga leggings match. Our leggings come in sizes XS to XL. Five size options combined with our super stretch Salutex material mean they’re comfortable for everyone.

To find your best fit, check out our handy dandy size chart, which gives you the info you need to find your size. All you need is to take a few moments to get your measurements and you’ll be set.


Yoga Leggings vs. Yoga Pants—what’s the difference?

Traditional yoga pants have a wide or flared leg and a band around the waist (often one that folds over) for support. They’re comfortable but don’t fit perfectly tight to the skin, making them a little more difficult to move around in. More often than not they’re used for lounging or running errands rather than performing yoga.

Yoga leggings are skin tight pants that don’t have any excess material to get in the way of even the most complex yoga moves. They have a snug fitting banded waist that helps hold them in place and are extremely stretchy—perfect for stretching into various yoga poses comfortably and easily. They feel like a second skin and move with your body.


Shirts and Tops to Wear with Yoga Leggings

Yoga leggings are versatile and look great with a number of different yoga tops—from light support sports bras to full coverage shirts. Depending on when, where, and with whom you’re practicing, you’ll find a top that perfectly complements your yoga leggings.

We recommend any of these tanks and tees:

Or any of these sports bras:


Shoes to Wear with Yoga Leggings

We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first—tennis shoes are by far the best shoes to wear with yoga leggings any time you’re being active. They provide support and grip so that you’re safe during a workout and aren’t limping around for hours after.

But if you’re feeling a little adventurous and wear yoga leggings for more than just yoga, there are plenty of other shoes that pair with them as well. Slip on sneakers look great with leggings for running errands, and ballet flats dress them up just enough to be perfect for a coffee date. Yoga leggings tuck into your favorite boots to keep you warm and comfy during colder weather. And you can even pair yoga leggings with heels! Yes, a pair of black yoga leggings looks great with some pumps and your favorite mini dress.


Are You Ready to Choose?

Yoga leggings will become your new workout BFF. With so many styles, sizes, and patterns to choose from (all made from comfortable, breathable fabric) and these tips, you’ll have your perfect pair (or pairs) in no time!

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