New year, new incentives

Posted by Camila Lopez on

As a new year pass by we are always looking for new goals, making ourselves look physically and mentally better. Part of the adventure of this new year is to set reasonable goals. Treat yourself and at the same time start loving what you are making for your change.

Maybe sometimes is difficult to maintain the routines you set, but maybe you just need a little motivation. I don’t know you, but some people get themselves motivated just by their attitude in the day. And sometimes, wearing a good outfit can create confidence and a good attitude. So, what you need to do is to get yourself some new activewear to incentive your main goals!

For this new year we present to you our new Spring Collection, in which we are launching Tartan and New Stripe styles, that will make you empower your performance while working out. Cause we know you deserve it. Why don’t you try on our new Marigold Plaid Candy Halter Bra, and combine it with our new Blackwatch Side Stripe Leggings. You’ll get that “Rude” attitude that you just need to keep going on your daily routines.

If you don’t feel that much for a Tartan style, take a look at our new Navy Bweave Candy Halter Tank and you can mix it with our new Black Bweave Side Stripe Leggings. Feel free to mix them with all the styles you want from our past collections.

Treat yourself while achieving your goals and keep them always in mind to make them happen. Remember to enjoy your new routines and be comfortable and confident while wearing Wear It To Heart.


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