Spend a day outside in your activewear

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It’s no secret that many of us simply spend too much time indoors. From surfing the web to working at our desks to cooking for our families, many of us only head outdoors when we’re on our way to be indoors somewhere else. Being outside can be a challenge in winter weather, but even then we can try to spend more time outdoors than we do.

Intending to go outside more and actually doing it are, of course, two different things. One way to get yourself to actually commune with nature on a more regular basis is to create a schedule for yourself. Pick a few days a month and decide that on those days you will be outside for as much of the day as you can. If you can manage to do so without your phone or laptop, even better. A day outdoors isn’t truly being enjoyed if you are simply looking at a screen in a different location.

One way to make going outside an easier promise to keep is to make yourself comfortable. By wearing flexible clothing that wicks away sweat and keeps you dry, you can enjoy a full day of being outdoors, whether you are just walking in the park or playing soccer with your kids. Active wear includes a number of different items, from running shorts and support tanks to your favorite pair of comfortable leggings. And the right clothing will help you look great as well. With figure-hugging pants and fun designs, you can maintain your style while maintaining your figure.

With the right jacket, you can spend a full day outside virtually any time of year. Our Dark Prism / Mokume Sparkler Reversible Bomber Jacket is functional and stylish. It features a dark rainbow color blend on one side, and reverses to a sparkler mokume. It is attractive and unique, and will give you the confidence and added warmth you need to stay active during colder months.

To complete the mokume look, try these Mokume Sparkler Track Pants. They feature the same mokume sparkler pattern as the jacket above, and are a simple, comfortable pant that you can wear anywhere. They are fitted to flatter your shape, but are loose enough to be comfortable for running or just taking your dog for a walk. They even have convenient pockets so you can take your essentials with you.

Every girl needs a stylish hoodie in her wardrobe. With Wear It To Heart, you can find hoodies that suit your workout routine without sacrificing style. Our Roller Girl Hoodie is the perfect combination of form and function, with a sleek design and perfectly placed pockets. The simple, attractive color scheme makes it perfectly compatible with any number of leggings, pants, or shorts, while the breathable fabric helps to keep you dry and warm. It even has thumb holes to keep your hands warm and your shoulders snug.

Staying comfortable, both indoors and out, is easy with the right leggings. At Wear It To Heart, our classic legging is our most popular style, perfect for sculpting your behind and lengthening your legs. We carry attractive feminine looks, such as these Day Dream Leggings in a high-waisted style. High-waisted leggings can provide you with more coverage if you are wearing a tank or a sports bra, making them an essential choice for any day spent exercising or just enjoying nature.

For the summer season, nothing beats the right pair of shorts. Our Serge High-Waisted Shorts are supremely comfortable and versatile. They are crafted from our proprietary Salutex fabric, guaranteed to keep you dry even in the hottest months. Best of all, they are thin and light enough that you can wear them under a pair of athletic pants, switching to the shorts as the temperature rises. The simple black color and form-fitting style ensures that you’ll always look great, from lifting weights at the gym to chasing your kids at the park.

Keeping your commitment to spending more time outside this year is simple with the right wardrobe. Trust Wear It To Heart for everything you need to help you get up, get outside, and get going!

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