Everything You Need To Know About Activewear

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Athleisure is the newest fashion trend, giving its wearers both comfort and style in one simple look. The same clothing that keeps you looking great while you work up a sweat can also ensure you look great while you are out on the town. Whether you are new to the activewear look or are simply looking for new ways to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe, we have everything you need to know about this fun, functional clothing:

  • Tops & Bottoms Fashion Trends

Whether you are looking for a sports bra, a jacket, or a pair of leggings, finding fashionable athletic wear is simple. Wear It To Heart carries incredible tops and bottoms in a wide array of colors and patterns. While you can never go wrong with “basic” black, you can up your game with patterns such as animal prints, camouflage, and even mesh options. If you are wondering where to get printed leggings or gorgeously designed tops, Wear It To Heart has you covered when it comes to active fashion – and we mean that literally.

For something truly unique, consider one of our pullovers, such as this Serge Teardrop Sleeve Pullover. With the style of a shirt and the breathability of athletic wear, these tops are a great solution for adding a touch of warmth and coverage when wearing a sports bra, or simply to give yourself a fashionable, unique look that will have you turning heads. Our beautiful line of pullovers is just one example of how Wear It To Heart is the web’s number one source of fashionable workout clothes for women.

  • Tops & Bottoms by Activity

One of athleisure’s greatest attributes is its versatility. You can wear various athletic tops and bottoms for a number of different activities, from running on a treadmill to running out for groceries. But if you have a specific athletic activity in mind, the right clothing can help you reach your fitness goals more quickly and comfortably.

For example, Wear It To Heart carries a number of long leggings (including this jaw-dropping Midnight Royal Blue version) which can cover the bottoms of your feet for yoga, or a number of breezy short options perfect for staying cool while running on those hot days.

  •  Yoga

Yoga is immensely popular for a reason – it keeps you healthy both in mind and spirit. But if you have ever tried to do yoga in too-loose, too-tight, or otherwise ill-fitting clothing, then you know that the wrong outfit can keep you from getting the most out of your workout. The best yoga apparel will leave you feeling comfortable and well-covered (we’re looking at YOU, see-through leggings!) while also staying out of the way during all of your poses. A great pair of leggings, whether traditional, long, or capri-length, can leave you feeling relaxed and flexible, while a simple sports bra or form-fitting tank will complete your look.

  •  Running

As every runner knows, running is a year-round sport. And while the treadmills at the gym may be convenient, they do not give you the unique challenges and variety that you find with running on natural terrain. But running outside means facing the elements, and facing the elements requires the right kind of athletic wear. From shorts and sports bras in the summer to leggings and jackets in the winter, Wear It To Heart has running clothes that are perfect for running any time of year.

  • Training/Gym

If you want to take your training regimen to the next level, you need clothing which is both comfortable and well-suited for your activity. This means finding athletic wear which fits while also still permitting a full range of motion. Wear It To Heart carries an assortment of gym-ready wear for every gym lover, whether you prefer full coverage and simple colors or head-turning stylish pieces that also show off that bod you have been working so hard to sculpt.

  • Product Care

Quality active wear should be considered an investment. The longer you care for an investment, the longer it will last. By consistently cleaning your athletic wear, you can minimize the impact of dirt and sweat on the fabric. Always follow the care instructions on the tag, and your Wear It To Heart pieces are sure to serve you well for years to come.

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