How to Style Your Outfit with Mesh

When it comes to workout wear, mesh just makes sense. Mesh features a “peek-a-boo” style which is incredibly sexy. But this trend works wonders for athletic wear, by adding breathability into your outfit. Mesh helps you both to look and feel your best, whether you’re on the treadmill or out for after-work drinks.           

If you like the look of mesh but you’re not sure how to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, we have some style tips for you. The good news is that with high-quality mesh products, you can successfully integrate this look into your preferred style. Whether you already wear other mesh clothing or you’re considering trying something new, here is some helpful information as to how best to incorporate mesh into your wardrobe:

You can never go wrong with a monochromatic scheme.

A monochromatic look is flattering for all body types. The simple color scheme gives you a streamlined look and makes you look taller and leaner. But if traditional monochromatic ensembles feel a bit boring to you, try adding a little mesh! Incorporating mesh into a single-hued outfit adds depth and sexiness.

An easy way to add mesh to your wardrobe – especially for monochromatic looks – is with a mesh t-shirt. Our Solid Short Sleeved Mesh Tee is a comfortable t-shirt in a traditional style which is both flattering and versatile. In addition to the neon yellow color shown here, the shirt is also available in white, navy, and black. The white and black are perfect for incorporating into a monochromatic look. Wearing all white is a great look for summer. Add in a few gold accents, and you’ll look great everywhere you go.

Simple patterns add a touch of flair.

Mesh is often thought of as a single-colored trend, but you can actually find mesh workout clothes in a variety of colors and patterns. This Stained Short Sleeve Mesh Tee comes in a fun dyed pattern to give you a unique look. Shown here in stained red, it also comes in stained blue. These tees are a perfect example of how mesh activewear can be worn as part of any wardrobe – both inside and outside of the gym. It has a scoop neck and short raglan sleeves, making it incredibly wearable and simple to pair with virtually anything in your closet. Pair this tee with a solid sports bra and a pair of leggings for a look which is both sexy and sporty.